It is Easier to Lose Weight in Winter

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The usual practice is to start with weight loss during the summer, whereas in the winter we tend to think less about our weight. It is understandable, since in the winter months we usually cover ourselves more and are not as exposed to other people, but if we consider the energy expenditure, it is easier to lose weight during the winter.

Base Metabolic Rate – The Reason Why It Is Easier to Lose Weight During Winter

The basic metabolic rate represents that lowest amount of energy that your body needs to function in the state of absolute rests, and maintain a steady temperature.

While an outside temperature of over 30C can slightly speed up our metabolism, colder temperatures (below 15C) cause a much greater increase in our metabolic speed. So, a good deal of our calories are spent to maintain a body temperature of 37C. Because of this, the diet of peoples who live in colder climates is much richer in fats and is high in calories. It is enough to increase the calorie intake by 10% to offset the colder temperatures. For this reason, it is important to use the colder times of the year like winter and autumn to get rid of excess kilograms. We should not wait for spring or summer to get back in shape, as they warm weather will make weight loss more difficult.

What Should You Eat During the Winter Months To Stay in Shape

The winter months are great for soups, beans, protein rich meals and teas. To avoid respiratory diseases, it is important to drink freshly squeezed juices and eat seasonal fruit, which are a great source of vitamins and mineral salts. You should not skip breakfast, because it is then that you can even allow yourself some sweets.

We should not forget proteins which are important for our immune system. Besides animal protein, vegetable proteins are great as well.

So, keep your body active during autumn and winter, and don’t wait for the warmer days to lose your excess weight. Use all the advantages of the winter months, and lose weight with less efforts.