Pritikin Diet

The Pritikin diet is ideal for people who do not like to eat meat and want to take care of their health, because through it you can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes. The creator of this diet is Nathan Pritikin, who was forced to create a diet for himself because of various health conditions that he had. If you like to try something different, there are great weight loss solutions on this site.

The Pritikin diet is mostly vegetarian and is based on a large amount of complex carbohydrates such as bread, whole grain rice, pasta, fruits and vegetables. This diet, however, avoids foods that come from animals, such as meat, fish, eggs and fatty cheeses. It is forbidden to eat salt or any other kind of spices.

The diet includes at least 3 meals per day and 2 snacks. We can see that this diet is very rich in carbohydrates, poor in animal proteins and poor in fats (the allowed daily intake is 10%).

Regular daily physical activity (for example, 45 minutes of walking) will help you get better results during this diet. Physical activity increases the need for carbohydrates, so the Pritikin diet can satisfy the body’s needs after training.

The advantages of this diet are clear to see, because daily physical activity combined with an intake of fresh food can help your health, especially the cardiovascular system.

The Pritikin Diet – Unwanted Consequences

However, if this diet is done often and for long periods, there can be some negative effects.

Refusing to eat meat, as well as proteins of animal origin, can lead to serious problems. Just eating foods that are rich in carbohydrates can lead to glycemia, which can require large doses of insulin to be used. Also, not eating enough proteins can eat to ineffective enzymes and muscle decay.