Probiotics and a Healthy Metabolism

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If you have achieved your target weight during the summer, and wish to maintain your good form during the winter period as well, probiotics can be a powerful ally, especially when combined with fibers.

Probiotics are organisms that consist of live bacteria and yeast. Since they are consumed in conjunction with other foods and are kept alive until the moment they are eaten, they improve the state of the intestinal flora and create a positive effect on your metabolism. If you want to enrich your nutrition with probiotics, the best way to do it is to start eating fermented products.

One of the best probiotic-containing foods is yogurt.

Research – Probiotics from a young age

Finnish scientists have followed the impact of probiotics on children from their birth until the age of 7. Research has shown that consuming yogurt from a young age helps develop the bacterial flora in the digestive tract. These bacteria can then help protect against obesity and diabetes. The positive effects are shown not only through digestion, but through the wellness of the whole body.

The evaluation of the research subjects showed that good bacteria are present in many of them – probiotics. When they reached the age of 7, children were questioned again and scientists discovered that those who did not have the good bacteria in their system were on average 4kg heavier.

The conclusion was that good bacteria reduce the absorption of energy from food and have a stimulative effect on hormones that produce a feeling of fullness.

Probiotics and Fiber – the winning combination

Besides yogurt, it is a good idea to consumer foods that are rich in fiber, which provide an energy source for the good bacteria. Fiber can be found in foods such as whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables and so on. Having a combination of fibers and probiotics in a single meal can be very powerful for everyone wishing to lose weight.

One should also not forget another positive aspect of yogurt – that it regulates the pH in the stomach, and so improves digestion.

Long term research has shown that probiotics play a part in strengthening your immune system, speeding your metabolism, increasing your resistance to stress, stopping infections, curing dermatological ailments, and many more.