The UN Diet

If you stick to this diet, besides losing kilograms you will also change your metabolism so that the lost kilograms never come back. The diet lasts for 90 days. If you need to lose relatively little weight, you can stop the diet before the 90 days are over, but then you will NOT have the changes to your metabolism that you would if you stuck to the full 90 days. You can find some great alternatives to this diet on this HERBALIFE site.

The UN diet always starts with a protein day, and after you have a starch day, a carbohydrate day, a fruit day and then a protein day again. This schedule should not be changed! Again, for alternatives, if you are interested, check out what is Herbalife to get more information on that program.

And now let’s take a look at how this diet looks on a day to day basis.


Breakfast is always fruits for the full 90 days. Take 2 of the same fruits (for example, apples), or a handful of nuts. Otherwise, check out the Herbalife shake.

Day 1 – Proteins


Meat – cooked, baked or fried. Use the same portions that you would get in a restaurant, so about 250-300g. Take a few hardboiled eggs, or some dairy products or soy.

Bread – a piece of whole grain bread.

Salads – As much as you want, with a maximum of 1 spoon of oily

Soup – about 300ml. If you are taking milk or other dailies, soup is not necessary, just take a glass of milk or yogurt


Same as lunch, but half of what you would eat for lunch, and without soup or bread. If you are taking eggs for lunch, take them for dinner as well.

Day 2 – Starch


Beans, peas, lentils, potatoes… boiled, with spices. Use some salt, pepper or other seasoning that you think you will enjoy. Make a full plate.

Bread – a piece



Same as lunch, but half the amount. Dinner is without bread.

Day 3 – Carbohydrates


Boiled pasta with spices – tomato sauce or similar. Otherwise, try pizza dough with some light seasoning.


2 plates of cake, or 3-4 scoops of ice creams. Take 1 block of cooking chocolate.

Day 4 – Vitamins (Fruit) Day

Lunch & Dinner

Just mixed fruits – as much as you want.

Additional Information

After 7 4 day cycles, so 29 days, you should have a “water” day. Just drink water the whole day, no food.

After a vitamin day, and sometimes after the water day, start with the protein day again.

You can drink coffee or tea, but without sugar. Fruit juices should be reduced to the bare minimum.

After lunch, take 1 tablet which contains your daily does of vitamins and minerals.

The break between meals should be 4 hours on the first day, and 3 hours on the second and third day. That is the minimum break – in no circumstance should it be smaller, but can be greater. During the vitamin day, the minimum break between meals should be 2 days.

Don’t eat anything after 8pm in the evening.

Everything that is written above should be eaten because it plays a crucial part in your metabolism. Fruits are important for breakfast as they provide a great energy boost, as is chocolate on the third day as it guards against chocolate.

The quantities of food might be greater than usual, and the meals are adapted to our area. You should be determined and go through with the plan. It can happen that during the first 10 or so days, there will be no weight loss, but after this you should experience pretty rapid results – maybe even 3-4kg per week. After the first 90 days, eat fruits for breakfast for another 90 days, whereas you can have normal meals for lunch and dinner. In that period, you should lose another 3-4 kg. If you don’t, repeat the diet after 3 months.

Do not go on another 90 cycle as soon as you finish it – wait at least 90 days with normal food before you repeat it.